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Too Faced La Petite Maison - My Newest Addiction

Too Faced La Petite Maison - My Newest Addiction
Too Faced La Petite Maison - My Newest Addiction

Too Faced La Petite Maison

It is a little body bust that has a cute dress on it and a set of stairs that your deluxe sample of Too Faced Better Than Sex came down. Through the window in the back of the box there are these adorable hot air balloons. Pretty gold foil scrolling details are all over the place. I mean, they really went the extra mile in this packaging and I, for one, really appreciate the finer details.

Too Faced La Petite Maison

Out of the side of the box, the part that lays down, you can lift up the palette that is included. The palette is really the meat of this holiday set.

Too Faced La Petite Maison Eyeshadow Palette

There are twelve shadows. The thing I noticed in this palette is that you sort of have to look at it as 3 quads. It goes from the lightest shades on the left to the darkest shades on the right.

The first row is: Let It Snow, Reindeer, Honey Pot, Knock Out.

The second row is: Paper Roses, Don’t Settle, After Hours, Secret Lovers

The third row is: Pussy Cat, Dreams, Jungle Love, Chocolate Moon.

Too Faced La Petite Maison Swatches

Right away I see a few shades that I recognized and actually have owned and used before. Honey Pot is in SO MANY of the Too Faced Palettes. Pussy Cat is in the Cat Eyes palette. I am not quite sure if any of these shades are new but regardless of that all of the shades are very good quality. Some of them kick up a little product when you run your brush over it, but I find that is true with a lot of different palettes so I don’t really let that bother me.

Too Faced La Petite Maison

Definitely check out the Too Faced La Petite Maison kit from Ulta. It only costs $39 and I think it is a great value for the money.

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