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How to Wear Beads in Your Hair This Summer

How to Wear Beads in Your Hair This Summer
How to Wear Beads in Your Hair This Summer

Leandra working a hair bead or two or three. We're adding these beads to our Summer Survival Guide.

Don’t tell your counselor because this trick is forBEADin. (Sorry.)

Somewhere between the black tie pony tail, an avocado toast hair mask and a recent tutorial on beach waves for people who aren’t oceans, I’ve become something of an expert on how to style that which grows from our heads.

And by expert, I mean: I see something that looks cool, stare at it long enough until the technicalities make sense and then try to replicate it as easily as possible, because if there’s one thing we do not have, it’s weirdly flexible arms. Or time.

Today’s quick tip is brought to you by Rosie Assoulin Resort. Look closely at the images of her models’ hair and you’ll notice single beads floating mid-tress. It’s equal parts tropical island local, Bo Derek, discreet hippie, and summer camp.

I like it because it’s simple. It’s the solution to wearing your hair down despite a weird pony tail crease (this will hide it) and per the most important part of summer, it’s incredibly unfussy. Allow me to demonstrate on my weird friend Leandra.

You’ll Need:

1. Floss or an equally stiff type of thread

2. A bead! (Note: the bead has to have a wide enough hold for your hair.)

3. Small, clear elastic bands.

Step 1:

Tie floss around the strands of hair that you’d like to go through the bead. (We are doing this because it turns out that sticking hair through a bead impossible.) To copy Rosie, we took a small piece from the front, and a small piece from the back to make a V shape on the side.


Step 2:

Pick up both ends of the floss and stick them through the bead. It is like putting in a teeny tiny baby tampon!

Step 3:

Pull the floss all the way though. You will feel resistance once hair meets bead, but keep pulling gently. Your hair will go, *POP!*, and then follow through.

Secure the bead with the elastic and repeat if you’re freaky.


Leave your hair down or pull it on up, but whatever you choose, be sure to start a camp fire, smack a marshmallow on a stick and sing Kumbaya off-key to your neighbor. If her bead matches, you’re bffs for life. If she doesn’t have one in, now you can teach her.

The student has become the master, and for once it’s on-purpose that you have something in your hair.

Oh wait. That’s marshmallow.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis

Original article and pictures take http://www.manrepeller.com/2015/06/easy-summer-hairstyle-inspiration.html site

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