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How To Style Your Eyebrows Like A Pro

How To Style Your Eyebrows Like A Pro
How To Style Your Eyebrows Like A Pro

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When it comes to eyebrows, needless to say, not all are born equal. There are a few people whose faces are framed with full and perfect brows that give them that edgy look we're always trying to copy, while some of us have to deal with sparse arches or very thin eyebrows. Life's unfair. But, while we understand that we've got to be happy with what we've got, we know that it's also possible to get the best from our brows with a very simple styling tips that you can master by following a few simple rules.

First of all, you need to remember that whatever you decide to do, whether it is shaping with plucking, or using a pencil or gel, the main goal is to obtain a natural finish, to enhance what your eyebrows already look like. In other words, styling your eyebrows without ending up looking like a cartoon character. It is surprisingly easy to make it look as though someone doodled on your face while you were sleeping, so pay close attention.

The first piece of advice we ever received when it comes to eyebrows is to never – ever – wax them. If you feel like yours need some trimming, always use tweezers, the result will be way more natural and you won’t end up with a nasty rash or droopy eyelids.

Here's everything else you need to know:

If you have thick eyebrows, you probably won’t need to fill them in, but you may need to tame them a bit. If you have long hairs and end up with crazy-brows at the end of the day, you can start by trimming them, using a small pair of scissors.

Brush the hairs upwards, and cut one or two millimeters, brush them toward the bottom and repeat the operation until they're neat and even. Once done, you’ll be able to style them using a spoolie brush and a small amount of transparent gel. Fill with an eyebrow pencil for a perfect Lucy Hale look.

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If you have very thin or sparse eyebrows, you need to be very careful when you fill in the missing bits. If you’re not quite a pro yet, you can start by using eyebrow stencils – the aim being to make the most of what you've got, avoid the Cara Delevingne look if yours are naturally very thin.

To style, start by using a brow pencil that isn't too dark (makeup artists recommend to choose a pencil of a color close to your natural hair color.) You can also use a small amount of eyeshadow and a small angled brush to fill the gaps, and use a transparent gel to fix everything in place.

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If you have very pale eyebrows and want to sport an edgier look, you have multiple possibilities: pencils, eyeshadows, or gels, the choice is yours.

You could either use a slightly darker pencil to make your eyebrows look fuller, or a tinted brow gel would do the trick,too, but if you do choose this, be very wary of the shade you choose. If you have eyebrows so pale they’re almost translucent, use both gel and a pencil to obtain a full eyebrow look.

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