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Feed Your Family with a Garden

Feed Your Family with a Garden
Feed Your Family with a Garden

Grow Fresh & Healthy Food for Your Family

Grow Fresh & Healthy Food for Your Family

Isis Loran

I’m Isis Loran, creator of the Family Food Garden. I’ve been gardening for over 8 years now and push the limits of our zone 5 climate. I love growing heirlooms & experimenting with hundreds of varieties, season extending, crunchy homesteading and permaculture.

My goal is to try and get the maximum from our food garden and I created this site so that thousands of people could do the same.

Grow Fresh & Healthy Food for Your Family

What is a family food garden?

Why not just call it vegetable gardening?

Food is medicine, tea, herbs, healthy fruits and vegetables, wild foraged food, and anything that you consume internally. Growing some of your own food gives you back some control over what goes into your body.

Because let’s face it, even ‘organic’ has become a trend. That means many small organic farms are getting bought out by large-scale corporate farms, often resulting in short cuts and reduced quality. Your food also comes from super far away (most of the time) and is harvested before peak flavor and nutrition.

You & your family really can eat healthier when you grow food yourself!

Grow Fresh & Healthy Food for Your Family

Food gardening isn’t anything new, families use to rely on their gardens for nourishment. Our modern world however is so far removed from what foods are in season, how to preserve for the winter months, or even cooking from scratch. Everything is about convenience, and the slow food movement has been forgotten in our fast paced modern world.

Things are changing though, more families want to eat healthy and they don’t want their food traveling for many miles. Food is getting recalled all the time or bought out by large companies so there’s less trust with our current large-scale food system.

Growing your own healthy produce gives you back seasonal rhythm and food security.

Grow Fresh & Healthy Food for Your Family

My goal with this site is to give you awesome inspirational content to help your family grow more food!

Here are some of the ‘Food Production’ posts I’ve written to help you grow lots of food for your family:

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Wishing you & your family lots of healthy harvests and wonderful food gardening!

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