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Destination West Coast

Destination West Coast
Destination West Coast

There’s always a destination.

That point along a journey when all of the build up and planning comes to a head. Just like an end goal, or a hope or dream, it shines in the distance waiting for your arrival.

It’s bittersweet. I think a lot of the want and drive to accomplish something exists in the challenge. At first it seems like the out-stretched hand isn’t quite long enough to take hold, but then in the blink of an eye… you latch on, and the excitement of what’s to come makes you never let go.

A week on the road in hindsight is a long time. 168 hours of being in flux… always moving forward, always with an eye on the end mile marker. I’d take in the surroundings of one place, just to move on to the next. There was so much to see, so much to think about. In real time, those hours went by so quickly. We’d drive until the sun set, I think the longest haul we had was 13 hours one day. A lot of sitting, a lot of opportunities to be bored… but when it became dark and time to pull off to rest, any feelings of boredom or restlessness that occurred that day would disappear — like they never existed. All we knew was that we were one day closer to the West Coast.

When we finally rolled into LA after 7 days of wheels on pavement, that’s how it felt — like I had blinked, and here we were. One second snow, the next sunshine. Had we just crossed through 13 states, seen things we never knew existed, get introduced to emotions we’d never felt before?

Yeah… but as soon as it started, it was over. It was so good to finally get to our end destination to have that feeling of are we there yet?cease… but it was also kind of sad. That long journey endured is now just a thing of the past, but — one that created a lifetime of memories I’ll forever hold onto.

And I must say, having time to reflect on them for three days under the California sunshine was the icing on the best cake I’ve ever had.

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