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Delicious Detox Water Recipes

Delicious Detox Water Recipes
Delicious Detox Water Recipes

detox water recipes

Raspberry Lime Water:

Raspberry Lime Water
Lavender Lemonade:

Lavender Lemonade
Very Berry Lemon Water:

Very Berry Lemon Water

Lemon and Mint:

Lemon and Mint Water
Blueberry Lemon Water:

Blueberry Lemon Water
Strawberry Mango Water:

Watermelon, Mint, Lime Water:

Watermelon Mint Lime Water
Pineapple Mint Water:

Pineapple Mint Water
Grapefruit Water:

Grapefruit Water
Ginger Lemon Thyme Water:

Ginger Lemon Thyme Water
Pomegranate Rosemary Water:

PomegranateRosemary Water
Lemon and Thyme Water:

Lemon and Thyme Water
A few other great combinations:

-Lemon + Lime + Mint

-Cucumber + Mint

-Strawberry + Lemon

-Lemon + Lime

-Raspberries + Blackberries + Blueberries

-Cucumber + Oranges + Mint

-Lemon + Cayenne Pepper + Agave

-Cucumber + Raspberries + Blueberries

-Blackberries + Cherry + Lime

-Lemon + Cucumber + Mint

Carrying a water bottle around with me has definitely helped! I like BKR Bottles – they are cute and small plus the organization gives back to the community! Learn about the charitable causes.

BKR Bottles

What are your favorite detox water recipes?

Original article and pictures take http://elanalyn.com/2014/04/10/detox-water-recipes/ site

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