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Color Correcting Concealers 101 - MyThirtySpot

Color Correcting Concealers 101 - MyThirtySpot
Color Correcting Concealers 101 - MyThirtySpot

October 12, 2016 by Erin Kennedy Leave a Comment

Makeup, it is an art form. Hence the name makeup artist. I have used makeup for more than 20 years, but I still feel as though I am still trying to figure it all out. Now that I am in my mid to late 30s, I sometimes feel like I don’t know what I am doing.

I have just started to realize that I need to use other tricks to cover the dark circles, cover those fine lines that are appearing and yet. And why am I still getting acne? Well, I need to figure out a better way to cover those red marks too. I mean, wrinkles and acne? What kind of twilight zone is this ladies?

I have recently introduced color correcting concealers to my makeup routine. A color wheel is essential to art much needed in your makeup routine to cover up any type of blemish or discoloration. I am not sure why I haven’t started this sooner, but I really had no idea how well it could work.

I have read a lot about it and wanted to share what I have learned with you. No longer do concealers come in just skin tone shades. Using different colors has it’s own purpose in concealing.


When you are trying to conceal a color, you want to cover it with a color that is the opposite of the color wheel. For example, if you have a red blemish like a pimple or redness, you want to cover it with green since it is the opposite of the color wheel. It neutralizes the redness.

Green concealer – Green covers red. Pimples, acne scars, redness around your nose. A concealer will work great to cover those spots. If you have redness of your cheeks, rosacea or sunburn then a green color correcting primer will help reduce redness and allow you to have a flawless look once you cover with foundation.

smash box color corrector

Purple concealer – Purple is the opposite of yellow and if you have any unwanted yellow undertones or dull skin, a purple concealer or primer will help your skin get a glowing look.

purple concealer

Peach or light pink concealer – Pink or peach is great for highlighting around those tired eyes. This color is a mix of red, orange and yellow hues, which is the opposite of blue, purple and green on the color wheel. This color is great for dark circles. It is also a great brightening agent. This primer is fabulous to brighten olive skin tones.

peach color concealer

Yellow concealer – Yellow is the opposite of purple, so this color is perfect for covering up those dark under eye circles. Hello new moms! When I don’t get much sleep, those dark circles love to make a strong appearance on my face. Using a yellow concealer under your eyes. Yellow are great for evening out skin tones for a flawless look. If you don’t have a eyeshadow primer, a yellow concealer can make a great primer for that too.

yellow color corrector

Orange concealer – An orange concealer is great for those with darker skin tones. They don’t work as well with lighter skin tones. It also hides dark circles and other spots of deep discoloration. If you have lighter skin tone, you can use an orange concealer for facial contouring.

orange color corrector

White concealer – White can be used beautifully if you’re careful. You can use it to highlight and contour your cheek bones by dabbing a little bit on your upper cheek bones blending outward toward your ears. Use sparingly. You can also use a little white concealer to the inner and outer corners or your eyes to appear more awake. Use under your brow bone for a brow highlight. I use all these tips, but I use the lightest concealer color for this because white is just little too bright for me. But either choice will work.

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