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A Guide to Face Mapping

A Guide to Face Mapping
A Guide to Face Mapping


“What is going on with my face?” It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves (or our dermatologists.) It turns out, our skin is trying to tell us exactly what’s going on and chances are, it’s not what we think. Our initial thought is usually to blame something topical. It must be that new foundation brush or maybe I am over-moisturizing. According to Face Mapping, an ancient Chinese medicine practice that dates back thousands of years, what’s happening on our face is a reflection of what’s happening in our body.


In many of these areas including the liver, kidneys, heart, and lungs, less drinking and/or smoking is greatly beneficial. There are also great teas widely available which benefit these specific organs (consult your doctor first). To make our stomach and colon happier, we can start by increasing our fiber intake through more fruits and vegetables. Our heart and hormones are majorly affected by stress. Skip the chill pill and go for regular walks, take a yoga class, get arts and crafty, and allow plenty of sleep, for a bit of Namaste all day every day.

So next time you break out, before you go splurging on a brand new skincare regimen, consider what your face map might be telling you. A slight lifestyle change, diet improvement, or some vitamins might be the golden ticket to your perfect mug.


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