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8 Essential Carry On Beauty Items

8 Essential Carry On Beauty Items
8 Essential Carry On Beauty Items

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8 Essential Items for My Beauty Carry On Bag

1 - Make-up Remover

I use : Simple Micellar Makeup Removing Wipes (US / UK)

These are THE BEST makeup removing wipes I've ever used. They seriously do not leave greasy residue on your face and it's as close as I can get to a full face wash while on the plane. Cleaning your face before settling in the for the long haul is a smart move.

2 - Face Mist

I use : The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist (US / UK)

This stuff feels so nice on the skin. I use it to heal and moisturize both after cleaning my makeup off and right before landing to wake up my skin. I've been using this face mist since I was a teenager. It was a gift from my Dad; thanks Dad!

3 - Lotion

I use : Nivea Soft Hands/Face/Body Lotion

I found out about this lotion from Kenza's blog. It's a perfect all in one and extra moisture is crucial on long flights where the recycled air can be hard on your skin and dehydrating.

4 - Lip Salve

I use : Aquaphor

You won't find me anywhere without my travel sized Aquaphor. It's similar to vaseline but slightly less sticky. It's thick! I love it for moisturizing my lips but it works well if you get a cut or dry patch.

5 - Hair Brush

I use : Sephora Travel Brush

Pretty self explanatory. It's the little things, like brushing your hair, that make you feel cleaned up en route.

6 - Hair Ties

I use : EmiJay (US / UK)

If you've seen my hair posts you know I have a TON of hair. I always pull it back on long flights to keep it out of the way. I use these Emi-Jay ties because they don't leave a bend in my hair and they don't cut off the circulation to my hands when I wear them on my wrist. Haha.

7 - Eye Mask

I use : iluminage (US / UK)

I can avoid jet lag almost every time simply by staying on a strict schedule that matches the time zone of my destination. That means sleeping at some strange hours. I love my eye mask so much that I use it at home too. The iluminage mask even has copper properties to promote anti-aging while you sleep. I think you'd probably have to wear it more than I do for the full benefit though.

8 - Travel Perfume

I use : Clean Fragrance Cool Cotton (US / UK)

I don't want to kill anybody with a super strong perfume on the plane so I pack a little roller ball of one of my all time favorite Clean Fragrance smells, Cool Cotton. It's really light and makes you smell like you've had a shower which you're probably desperate for at this point in your trip!

...almost forgot...9 & 10 - Mouthwash & Hand Sanitizer

I can't believe I forgot to include these! Both no-brainers but absolutely essential on all trips I take.

Original article and pictures take http://fromtheupside.com/home/2016/1/8-essential-carry-on-beauty-items site

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