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22 Gifts For Makeup Lovers That Won't Add To Their Insane Beauty Product Collection

22 Gifts For Makeup Lovers That Won't Add To Their Insane Beauty Product Collection
22 Gifts For Makeup Lovers That Won't Add To Their Insane Beauty Product Collection

Trying to find the perfect present for the makeup lover in your life? I can tell you from experience that the last thing any beauty addict needs is more beauty products. As a product hoarder myself, I know that girls who really love makeup already have enough eye shadow palettes, foundations, brushes, skincare creams, etc. (the list could go on forever) to last them a lifetime. If you want to get them something really special for the holiday season, focus on an accessory or piece of clothing that describes their love for beauty items instead.

Not only is this a more fun option, it's also a safer one: When picking out a makeup item, you run the risk of either buying them something they already have or something they really don't like. And sure, a gift card to the holy ground that is Sephora is always a good idea, but sometimes you just wanna do a little extra.

Whether you're trying to pick a gift for your best friend who is never seen without lipstick on or the person you got in Secret Santa you know nothing about except that they can do an impressive cat eye, there's something for everyone here. From useful makeup pouches to cute clothes to a little bit of home decor, there are a lot of options — and they're so cute that you won't even know how to pick your favorite.

1. A Glam Lipstick Tee

We all have at least one friend who never goes anywhere without putting on a bright lipstick. Get that friend this tee. Even with a bold lipstick print all over it, it's not gaudy — it's glam.

2. Never Ask Pouch

Everyone who wears winged eyeliner, even those who are skilled at it, know that it can take forever to make it look perfect. Whether you give this to someone on it's own or fill it with makeup, it makes an adorable gift.

3. Lipstick Patch

Thanks at least in part to craft sites like Etsy, patches are becoming more and more popular. They're really cute to put on jackets, bags, or shirts. This war paint patch is perfect for your friend with offbeat style who appreciates a great lipstick.

4. Sephora Makeup Bag

This makeup pouch is large enough to fit lots of products and cute enough that you'll want to bring it everywhere. It's so cute that you'll want to use it as a clutch instead of just a makeup pouch.

5. Contour Tee

I'm currently obsessing over this tee that any makeup-lover will also obsess over. Is this not an accurate depiction of everyday life? Too cute.

6. Charging Luggage Tag

Not only is this luggage tag ridiculously helpful, but it's also really cute. This luggage tag also works as a portable charger, so it's the perfect thing for traveling. And really, what else do you need besides caffeine and mascara?

7. A Brush Holder

Everyone who owns a lot of makeup also owns a lot of makeup brushes, which can be hard to carry around daily or when traveling. This brush holder is a really cute gift and it's super useful.

8. Lipstick iPhone Case

This case is bold, bright, and definitely stands out. It's a must for any lipstick junkie and makes the cutest beauty gift.

9. Cat Eye Pouch

Give this to your friend who is always rocking a cat eye like Adele. Hopefully the perfect cat eye liner image inspires her!

10. Lipstick Scarf

The coolest thing about this scarf isn't the glamorous print all over it — it's the fact that the lipstick color is black rather than something more classic like red or pink. It's a little pricey, but it's perfect for the unique beauty lover in your life.

11. Black Eyelashes Pouch

No product junkie could ever have enough makeup bags. This one is ideal for your friend who loves makeup but hates basically everyone and everything else.

12. Makeup Holder

This is a useful, inexpensive gift that is perfect for a Secret Santa or to give to someone you don't know much about (except that you think they're into makeup).

13. Bobby Pins Pouch

One of the worst things about being a girl who loves doing her hair? Constantly losing the millions of bobby pins you have even though you have no idea how you lost them. Buy this for a friend and help save the bobby pins.

14. Lashes Pillow Cases

How cute are these pillow cases? These are #eyelashgoals tbh, guys. Plus, they're black and white, meaning they'll match with almost any bedroom decor.

15. Lipstick Chanel Mug

How pretty is this mug? It will make your lipstick-loving friend feel seriously glam no matter how early in the morning she's using it to chug coffee.

16. Muscles and Mascara Tank

This is the best gift for your friend who loves working out and also loves all things beauty. It's a cute workout top that you basically can't go wrong with.

17. Makeup Holiday Bag

These Sephora Collection makeup bags are too cute — you have to buy at least one! This pretty gold one features a cool black and red fabric inside, in case you were worried about getting the light color dirty.

18. A Cute Phone Case

Get this for the diehard beauty fan in your life. The best thing about this option is that it's offered for iPhone 6 phones, but also for iPhone 4 and 5, and Samsungs. It's hard to find cases that are offered for a variety of phones!

19. Mirror Compact

Everyone could always use an extra mirror compact for their handbag, especially makeup junkies who are checking how their face looks throughout the day. Little mirrors are something people usually don't buy themselves, so they make a great gift. There are a bunch of design options for this, including one that says "You can't blend with us."

20. Harry Potter Lipstick Tank

This tank top makes the cutest gift for anyone who is a Harry Potter fan and a dedicated lipstick user. Honestly, not ordering this for myself is a struggle right now.

21. Lipstick Saved Me Pouch

Get this for your friend who can never have enough lipstick. Or ask for it for yourself. This makeup pouch is also perfect to put in your handbag to hold little items.

22. Makeup Coffee Cup

There are a bunch of different options for this makeup themed coffee cup, but my favorite is definitely the "I like my coffee as black as my liner." This is the cutest gift — make it even cuter by adding their favorite eyeliner and a bag of coffee.

I know those rows of lipstick are tempting, but trust me when I say your makeup loving friend's face will light right up at the sight of these alternative gifts.

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