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17 Gorgeous Fall Makeup Ideas That Will Make You Shine Among All - Trend To Wear

17 Gorgeous Fall Makeup Ideas That Will Make You Shine Among All - Trend To Wear
17 Gorgeous Fall Makeup Ideas That Will Make You Shine Among All - Trend To Wear


Fall is a glorious time of the year. For one, you’re excited that you’ve finally stopped sweating enough to wear all of your favorite fall clothing, but why stop there when you can incorporate those autumnal colors into your makeup routine too? Think of all the burnt orange, burgundy, and gorgeous chocolate brown shades you could be wearing on your eyes and lips.

Dream come true, right?! To illustrate my point, here are eight looks to inspire you to incorporate the colors of fall into your makeup routine so you can take full advantage of your favorite season before it ends.

The bad news: It’s time to put away your swimsuits and get back into the autumn groove. The good news: There are so many beautiful new beauty trends to try on your eyes, lips and cheeks this season!

1. Cold Weather Cheeks


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Glitter gets a bad rap, but it’s been making a comeback in 2016. A chic way to wear it: a simple line across your upper lids.

Smoky eyes are always a favorite, but applying jewel tones like blue, emerald and indigo bring out your eyes and add a ’60s flair to your face.

Metallics have been huge for 2016, but all-over metallic shadow can get a little overwhelming. Keep your upper lid matte black and stick the shimmery stuff on your lower lash line instead.

Smoky eyes with black shadow are cool and all, but orange is obviously the more seasonal choice for fall. Use a fluffy brush to blend orange shadow (picture the shade of roasted sweet potato flesh, if you will) into the crease of your eye, and then smudge it along your lower lash line with a tiny pointed brush. Finish your look with a matte nude lip to keep the focus on those eyes, girl.

When you think fall, you think fallen leaves, warm drinks, and leather boots — things that come in rich brown hues. Coincidentally, this shade is also the perfect lip color for the season. Pair it with a matching shadow along the crease of your eyes, and add some dimension with a cream-colored shimmery shadow on your eyelid, keeping the focus on the inner corners.

It’s been a while since the words “vibrant shadow” and “brow bone” went together. But the right shade of orange — like this one from Kylie Cosmetics in “Citrine” — is bold without being overwhelming. Use a neutral brown eye shadow near your lash line and blend it out toward your crease. Then, go back with an orange shadow and focus the pigment along your crease, blending it up toward your brow bone. All you need on your lips is a nude gloss and you’re ready for your hayride.


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I’ve never actually seen chestnuts roasting on an open fire, but I imagine this is what it looks like in makeup form. If you don’t have a chestnut shade of lipstick, mix a yellow-brown shade and a taupe-mauve lipstick together for a result like this. Then, layer your eye shadows as well, gradually adding more shimmery shadows in the same color family as you move toward the inner corners of your eyes. This technique will give you the bronzy chestnut eye shown here.

14. Classic Red

A winged eye and red lipstick is always classic, but it’s not exactly the easiest to wear during summer months when you’re sweating or swimming all day. After you’ve found the best shade of red lipstick for your skin tone, start practicing that cat-eye so you can wear it and your bold red lip all season long.

Hints of golden yellow are everywhere in fall, so why not add this gorgeous shade into your makeup? To do so, choose brown and cream-colored shadows with golden hints, and apply the lighter shades on the inner corners of your eyes. Gradually add darker shades toward the outer corners. This will create the illusion of big, doe eyes. Finish your look with a yellow-brown lipstick to keep it all in the fall family.

Now is the time to break out those badass bold lip colors, like this eggplant shade, that you’ve stashed away for a fall day. If your lip color is matte, bump up the shimmer on your brow bones, inner corners of your eyes, and cheekbones. With a lip this strong, you don’t need to wear a ton of eye makeup, but feel free to slap a cat-eye on too because, well, you’re a badass.

Summer has faded but that glow you worked so hard for doesn’t have to. Blend a beige-gold shimmer shadow all over your eyelid and into your crease. Then, make your eyes really stand out with a subtle pop of yellow eyeliner along your waterline. Finally, dust some bronzer along your cheekbones, top it with gold highlighter, and keep your lips neutral and simple.

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