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12 Fabulous Fairy Gardens, Minus the Creepy Fairy Figurines

12 Fabulous Fairy Gardens, Minus the Creepy Fairy Figurines
12 Fabulous Fairy Gardens, Minus the Creepy Fairy Figurines

If you've got a gnarled old tree, it's pretty much essential that it be fitted for a fairy door. At the end of a meandering staircase of moss and stone is this gorgeous creation by artist Sally J. Smith of Green Spirit Arts. Composed of just the sort of materials woodland weefolk would most like to use; bits of wood, sticks, and bark are magically transformed into a true work of art. Just look at that gorgeous diamond-pane window!

3. Naturally Occurring Architecture

Yes! Those are actual mushrooms! Real pixies would be sure to seize the opportunity to use gorgeous tree fungus as a stoop and awnings for a sassy red door. And they would definitely plant up a tiny pot with flowers because curb appeal matters. This little fairy moment is by Nichola Battilana of Pixie Hill.

6. Seasonal Fairy Gardens

Your whole garden changes with the seasons, so why shouldn't your miniature ones do the same? This fairy garden from Farm and Foundry takes full advantage, seasonally changing up not only its plant materials and colors, but also its decorations (like this party decor for the autumn solstice, featuring real Chinese lantern pods strung across the pathway).

8. Natural Fairy Garden

The breathtaking work of Sally J. Smith of Green Spirit Arts is the absolute epitome of woodland fairy architecture. Made from mostly natural elements, and maybe a pinch of magic, her designs seem to spring from the very earth itself. In her forthcoming book, Fairy Houses: How to Create Whimsical Homes for Fairy Folk, you can learn just how to make these gorgeous dwellings for your own garden.

10. Patio Fairy Gardening

If you don't have a patch of garden space to spare, this container fairy garden from The Burgh Baby is the perfect solution. A lovely old galvanized washtub serves as the base for a birdhouse-turned-fairy home (check out that penny roof) and its surrounding lush, flower-filled garden. There's even a fairy clothesline dotted with dainty laundry.

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