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12 Best Braiding Video Tutorials

12 Best Braiding Video Tutorials
12 Best Braiding Video Tutorials

When we think back on braid hairstyles of the past, the French braid pigtails reigned supreme on the playground. But the trending braids we've been spying all over the runway are proof that braids are still the coolest hairstyle around, only now with a grown-up twist.

As carefree and whimsical as braids look, executing them can be difficult. So to figure out exactly how to make these princess-worthy braids a reality, we watched hundreds of YouTube braiding tutorials to find the videos that make every braid style completely doable.

From mermaid-y waterfall braids to messy fishtails and braided updos fit for an Olsen twin, here are the braiding tutorials you need to master the most gorgeous braid hairstyles.

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You don't need a Ph.D in braiding to create this pulled-apart braid from Fudge Urban's Brand Ambassador, Lou Teasdale. Once you've followed her steps to getting textured hair, it's as easy as separating the hair into three sections off to the side and loosely braiding.

Bonus tip: To really get the undone look, leave a few pieces out in the front, and don't pull the hair too tightly while braiding.

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