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11 Cold Weather Beauty Essential That Works For Winter and Long Flights -

11 Cold Weather Beauty Essential That Works For Winter and Long Flights -
11 Cold Weather Beauty Essential That Works For Winter and Long Flights -

Cold Weather Beauty Essentials For Winter and Long Flights

Baby, it’s cold outside!

No matter how much makeup we put on, the dull look and dry patches will still show. These cold weather beauty essentials will also help you keep your beautiful skin hydrated during long flights. I personally glaze, yes glaze, my face with essential oils if a flight is longer than 3 hours. You may look very oily for the first 30 minutes but will be glowing by the end of the flight.

Check out some not-so-secret skin care deets to fight off dry patchy skin during winter time and/or long flights. Your skin will thank you and me for these cold weather beauty essentials!

This antioxidant packed fluid in a bottle will tone your face and tighten your pores instantly. Some people use it to set makeup but with all the good stuff that this elixir pack, it works wonderfully to prep and maintain a healthy glow. Keep the small bottle handy so you can keep spraying throughout the day or mid flight.

This thermal water spray is filled with minerals. Every time I spray this on my face, it feels like my skin quenched its thirst after spending days in the desert. It’s the perfect “pick me up” if you’re out and about all day. I’ll even spray it during summer in Miami’s humid weather. It feels so refreshing, especially after long exposure to the sun. This is also a life saver on flights.

I have been using this for quite some time before boarding long flights. I dab it all over my face before takeoff and ta-da: perfectly hydrated skin at landing.

This lightweight oil will deeply hydrate so before you go to sleep, apply some for overnight hydration or before boarding a long flight. Glaze, glaze, glaze!

Need extra help? Try the Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment. This little magical serum will give you plump and radiant skin. A dab of it and you are good to go!

First of all, if this product had no benefits, I would just use it for its scent! After long flights or an all day adventure out in the cold, I use the Korres Black Pine Sleeping oil to replenish essential skin moisture overnight. If it wasn’t so expensive, I would pour it all over me.

Taking care of the face is great but we can easily forget to treat a sensitive area, our lips. When I’m using the oils, I put some on my lips but it doesn’t always remedy the lackluster and chapped zones. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is one of the few that locks in moisture and smoothes dryness. It also gives a hint of color so it’s perfect.

This one is for the lips that fell into the deep end. Already chapped and irritated, this balm will sooth your lips but also your elbows, knees, or any dry patch that you may have. Multi-purpose life saver!

Am I giving you the blueprint for cold weather and long flight beauty essentials or what?!

This lotion is magic in a pot. I have never used any body moisturizer that has dramatically changed my skin as this one. I tend to have dryness on my legs and this cream has turned patchy dry skin into velvety smooth! I use it every night after I shower (to sulk in as much moisture) before bed and wake up with beautifully hydrated skin. I have turned friends and family to this lotion and they now can’t live without it either. Social benefit: 100% of the sales go to charities.

Hands! Let’s not forget about them.

This rich hand cream will certainly keep your hands feeling like a baby’s butt! The rose scent is one of my favorites. The lavender scent is also nice and relaxing. Perfect to use before going to bed.

This version has a thicker consistency which helps retain moisture better than their other scented versions during winter time. I love the mild scent and moisture factor!

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